Questions raised and lessons learned during a wild day and with funds lost in decentralized finance.

Given a union of several interfaces I was looking for a simple way to access all possible properties.


The Big Picture 8/8: Definition, popularity, trends, demography, pros, cons, misconceptions, and a look into the future, in six minutes.

Part 1: Definition & Popularity

  • Digital Nomad is not a black-and-white term. It’s more like a dynamic lifestyle based on three preconditions.
  • Precondition…

The Big Picture 7/8: What we can see today, and why it’s just the beginning.

Blanes, Catalonia, Spain

The Big Picture 6/8: What you may have heard and what to make of it.

No. Just no.

The Big Picture 5/8: What you’ll be up against and what you should think about.

The Big Picture 4/8: Why it’s worth considering and what impact it can have on your life.

The Big Picture 3/8: Who they are and how they live.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture 2/8: What enables such a lifestyle and contributes to its growth.

Photo by Ahmet Sali on Unsplash

A comprehensive look into the lifestyle where you travel and work your way around the globe.

A glimpse into Hubud, a co-working space for Digital Nomads in Bali

The Big Picture

What got me curious

Marc Knaup

❤️ tech / startups / crypto / travel 🛠 building 🏳️‍🌈 hell yes global citizens

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